Fuel tax and customs guidance

We have a comprehensive knowledge of customs regulations surrounding local taxation and clearance requirements for yachts looking to tax efficiently reduce their fuelling costs without disruption or delays to their itineraries.

We assist and advise our clients on tax regulations and requirements throughout the world.

When making a fuelling plan for a vessel, especially when embarking on a long journey with multiple fuel stops required then there are many factors to be considered to ensure that you can complete your journey with the highest quality fuel products available at the lowest prices.

Some of the areas that should be considered when cost effectively considering a fuelling plan include:

  • The base fuel price and product quality
  • Vessel classification requirements for tax exemption
  • Requirements for supporting documents and additional criteria
  • Timeframe and export and clearance requirements
  • Record keeping requirements
  • Importing requirements and Fuel dyes

We provide detailed information on prices, specs and applicable taxation rules so that you can make the best fuelling plan possible and avoid issues with customs and tax authorities.

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