We specialise in quality fuel suitable for use with the high speed diesel engines and generators commonly used on large luxury yachts.

Our intricate knowledge of the market allows us to consistently provide competitive prices and alert you of any potential issues with quality or availability.

We also provide expert advise on customs and tax regulations helping our clients to benefit from tax free or reduced fuel in the places on or around their routes where it is available to them

Our traders have a thorough understanding of the product specifications for the various diesel grades available around the world. We can help to advise how specific characteristics can effect safety, storage, engine wear, exhaust emissions and relate to many engine manufacturers recommended guidelines and warrantees.

A typical yacht can use one of many fuel grade classifications available from around the world, provided these meet additional criteria for some characteristics. These additional requirements can vary depending on factors such as:

  • The geographical location where the fuel is bought and used
  • The flag state and class of registration of the vessel
  • The degree to which the yacht must adhere to the IMO’s FOBAS and SOLAS regulations
  • If the yacht is required to comply with the Large Commercial Yacht Code
  • Engine and machinery manufacturers guidelines and warrantee policies
  • The combination of oils used
  • The type of exhaust systems used on the vessel

We check the specifications of the fuel we supply carefully and alert our customers of potential issues that might encounter.

We also provide our clients with detailed guidance on best practises to follow when receiving fuel, taking and storing samples and dealing with any issues or uncertainties.

In the event of any potential issues with product quality or spec we assist our clients in minimising any potential impact and reaching a swift and favourable outcome wherever they are in the world.